Apple scab infection today and winter moth not hatching yet. April 4th

McIntosh green tip has arrived in some RI apple orchards.
If your apple trees are showing green tissue and your apple trees had a lot of apple scab last year, your apple trees could be at risk for getting apple scab during today’s wet weather. Other states reported that apple scab spores have started to mature and some spores are ready to be released and cause infection.

I don’t think most growers need to rush out and spray tomorrow, but if your trees had scab last year, consider applying a fungicide. More wet weather is predicted for Thursday.

I expect winter moth eggs will begin hatching soon – I think either over the weekend or early next week. Many people are helping by monitoring winter moth eggs. I will let you know when eggs start to hatch so an insecticide such as Imidan can be applied to protect apple, pear, and blueberry buds.

APRIL 20th is the date of our April twilight meeting. Meeting will be at Phantom Farms, 2920 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, starting at 5:30. Terry Bradshaw, from the University of Vermont will share his expertise on orchard weed control, focusing on non-herbicide control. Two hours of pesticide credit should be available (pending) and a light dinner will be served. The meeting is free for RIFGA members and $20 for non-members.

Ready or not, here we go,