Harvesting RI premiere at URI April 25 at 7:00, and some apple news

Trees have really advanced the last few days! Probably many of you were applying a fungicide and perhaps an insecticide yesterday  – or maybe today. Predicted rain for tonight and tomorrow will most probably cause an apple scab infection period.

Winter moth egg hatch is all over the place. In Warwick, Charlestown and Kingston, more than 70% of monitored eggs have hatched. In Little Compton about 50% of eggs have hatched, but in Jamestown none had hatched as of 4/23/18. My hope is that winter moth populations are low enough that we won’t see a lot of crop damage. We will know if a few weeks.

There is still time to apply dormant oil to combat European red mite eggs and San Jose scale, and temperatures should stay above freezing so now is a good time for oil.

Tomorrow night at URI is the premiere showing of Alex Caserta’s Harvesting RI. One of the four farms in the two, 25 minute shows is our very own Narrow Lane Orchard with Stephen and Sharon Grenier in North Kingstown! It should be lots of fun so come to URI for the 7:00 show at Edwards Auditorium.