Apple IPM April 24, 2019

Hi Fruit Growers,
I’m hoping most growers are spraying a fungicide today (or yesterday), and a fungicide with a little kickback that can help reach back and kill germinating apple scab spores. For fungicides, see the online New England Tree Fruit Management Guide.
I’ve got printed copies of the guide for $20, or $25 if I have to mail it to you. Let me know if you want a printed guide. I can probably drop it off at your farm.
There is still time to apply dormant oil to manage European red mites and San Jose scale. Since trees are at tight cluster or beyond, reduce rates to 1 gal/100. Apply oil soon if you are going to apply it.
I’m hoping Ag Radar will be up and running any day now. I’ll let you know when it is ready.
Next meeting is May 16 at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown.
Questions? Contact me!