1999 – Current Pest Report – Visual Observations

Tree Stage for McIntosh trees
4/6/99 – green tip
4/8/99 – half inch green
4/21/99 – tight cluster
5/1/99 – pink
5/6/99 – full bloom
5/13/99 – McIntosh petal fall

Visual Observations
* See Calcium deficiency – Cork Spot – on Cortlands and a couple of other varieties. Saw the first symptoms last week.
* See Fly Speck at our URI East Farm orchard. This orchard hasn’t received much fungicide since primary apple scab season; only one spray in mid-July and one mid-August.
* More Apple Maggots caught this week.
* Looks like Apple Maggot Fly damage on some Paula Red apples.
* European Red Mite eggs beginning to be laid in overwintering locations. Saw eggs laid in the calyx end of apples on 8/10/99.
* Rose Leafhopper nymphs still a problem in some orchards. Over the next week is a good time to spray Provado or Sevin against Leafhoppers.
* See Apple Blotch Leafminer adults flying. They are laying eggs to start the third generation.
* Apple Maggot Fly trap captures remain low.
* Retain applications should nearly be completed by now.
* Apple Maggot Fly trap captures very low at all but one site. Many growers planning on applying their final insecticide within the next week.
* Two Spotted Spider Mites and European Red Mites controlled well with Vendex at 1#/acre plus Silwet at 6 oz./100 gal finished mix. Treatments made at both 2x and 6x worked well.
* I believe 2nd generation White Apple Leafhopper nymphs have begun to hatch. At this stage they look identical to Rose Leafhoppers. I also see small Rose Leafhopper nymphs now. Looks like next week will be a good time to treat for Leafhoppers. Use Provado or Sevin.
* See the season’s first Fly Speck summer disease on fruit that has not received any fungicideall season. I have not seen Fly Speck in orchards sprayed with fungicides yet.
* See tiny nymphs of the Rose Leafhopper, beginning the second generation on apples. Probably best to wait a week or two before treating this generation.
* Apple Maggot Fly trap captures still low.
* See more mite predators this week, both the yellow Z. mali predators and the glossy A. fallacis.
* Two Spotted Spider Mites causing damage in 2 monitored orchards. Keith Harbert recommends using Vendex at 1 pound per acre plus Tactic at 1 pint per 100 gallons or Silwet at 6 ounces per 100 gallons.
* Apple Maggot Flies caught in 5 out of 10 orchards. One orchard had an average of 2.8 flies per trap this week. See Apple Maggot Fly trap captures page.
* Very few Apple Maggot Flies caught so far this week.
* Rose Leafhopper adults found. Getting late to treat for nymphs.
* Apple Blotch Leafminer 2nd generation mines found in the tissue feeding stage. Still primarily in the sap feeding stage but it is getting late to treat for the 2nd generation.
* Apple Maggot Flies caught in 4 out of 11 orchards. No orchard above the threshold of 1-2 flies per trap. Caught AMF on traps set up in early maturing varieties.
* Good time to spray Thiodan or Provado against Rose Leafhopper nymphs
* Apple Blotch Leafminer second generation mines still in sap feeding stage. Nearing the end when mines susceptible to Provado.
* European Red Mites causing bronzing in a couple of orchards.
* Green Apple Aphids completely controlled by predators in all monitored blocks
* First Apple Maggot Fly caught this season.
* See Rose Leafhopper nymphs. The best time to spray for Rose Leafhopper will probably be in two weeks – once all the eggs have hatched.
* Second generation Apple Blotch Leafminer sap feeding mines visible. Probably best time to treat the second generation is around July 5 or 6.
* Two orchards have greater than 90% Apple Blotch Leafminer mines parasitized. I doubt any insecticide will be needed there to control Leafminer! Most Leafminer adults (and parasites) have emerged by now but I have not seen any second generation mines yet. Too early to treat with Provado.
* Too early to treat for Rose Leafhoppers.
* Potato Leafhoppers seen in several orchards. Check now in young trees for the hoppers. Potato Leafhoppers stunt tree growth and are generally only a concern in young trees.
* European Red Mites building in some orchards. Threshold is 55% of middle aged leaves with red mites. See Two Spotted Mites too, but not in high numbers – yet.
* San Jose Scale damage appearing on fruit (as red dots on fruit).
* Green Apple Aphids partially controlled by aphid predators in all blocks. No insecticide needed.
* Rose Leafhopper adults in most orchards. Nymphs will probably need controlling in several orchards in July.
* White Apple Leafhopper large nymphs and adults found. Last chance to try to control first generation White Apple Leafhopper nymphs with Sevin, Provado, or Thiodan. Check trees that did not receive Sevin or Provado earlier this season.
* Too late to use AgriMek against European Red Mites. Options for Mites above the threshold of 55% fruit cluster leaves with mites includes Pyramite or Apollo.
* Apple Blotch Leafminer still primarily in the 1st generation tissue feeding stage though some adults have emerged.
* 94% of tissue feeding mines parasitized in one orchard! Parasite adult wasps have been emerging. Check the back side of mines to see what has emerged. A brown pupal case sticking out of the back of a mine is where an Apple Blotch Leafminer adult moth has emerged. A hole the size of a pin prick is where a parasite has emerged. Many mines also still have Apple Blotch Leafminer larvae or pupae or developing parasites.
* Two San Jose Scale crawlers found in one orchard. If you found San Jose Scale damaged fruit last year now is a good time to treat with Lorsban. Repeat application in 10 days.
* No fresh Plum Curculio scars – PC season definitely over.
* Nearly all terminals infested with aphids also contain aphid predators or predator eggs. See no reason to spray for aphids in any orchard.
* No San Jose Scale crawlers found
* Apple Blotch Leafminer 2nd generation adult emerged (see empty pupal case sticking out of the back of one tissue feeding mine)
* Nearly 50% of Apple Blotch Leafminer tissue feeding mines parasitized at one orchard
* Apple Blotch Leafminer parasites found in many orchards. Next week I’ll determine percent parasitism in some orchards.
* Rose Leafhopper adults found in many orchards.
* Found Apple Scab lesions in second commercial orchard.
* No San Jose Scale crawlers observed yet this year.
* Apple Blotch Leafminer mines advanced to tissue feeding mines in all orchards where they were found. Larvae starting to pupate. Too late for any insecticide treatment against first generation mines.
* European red mites primarily eggs now and should be hatching. Now is a good time to apply Apollo to trees above the threshold of 30% cluster leaves infested with red mites.
* Green Apple Aphids found on new foliage. Also found eggs of aphid predators: white syrphid fly eggs and orange cecidomyiid fly eggs.
* Rose Leaf Hopper found in two orchards. If control is necessary it will probably be in July against newly hatched nymphs.
Wooly apple aphids spotted in one orchard
* Apple Scab lesions found in commercial orchard
* Still found 2 Apple Blotch Leafminer adults in one orchard
* Apple Blotch Leafminer advanced to tissue feeding stage in 3 orchards
* Cedar Apple Rust lesions found on apple leaves – first time this season
* Apple Blotch Leafminers advanced to tissue feeding stage at URI’s orchard. I believe it is too late for Provado or Agri-Mek. Lannate may still offer good control if applied in the next day or so.
* European red mites primarily eggs now. Wait until early next week if you want to use Apollo against newly hatching mites. Don’t use Apollo if Apollo or Savey was used last season.
* Scab lesion found on fruit in abandoned orchard.
* Plum Curculio activity expected to peak this coming weekend.
Nothing new in the orchards today!
* Probable end of Primary Apple Scab Season!
* Fourth infection period May 18-20
* First apple scab lesions found – Found not on cluster leaves but on 6th leaf or so. Probably from May 2-5 infection period.
* First Plum Curculio egg laying scars found.
* First European Red Mite summer eggs. Probably started being laid 5 days ago.
* First European Apple Sawfly scar seen on fruit.
* First Z. mali mite predator egg found.
* Probably last chance to successfully treat leafminer with Provado. AgriMek should be applied within the week.
* European Apple Sawfly trap captures above the threshold of 9 per trap in all monitored blocks. One orchard has 200 EAS per trap.
* Mite predators and predator eggs found
* No scab lesions and no Plum Curculio damage yet
* Adult female European Red Mites found – no eggs yet
* Bronzing from ERM found in orchard which received prebloom oil applications
* First Apple Blotch Leafminer sap feeding mine found, still see afew adult moths flying
* See first Gypsy Moth caterpillars in orchard
* Looked in abandoned trees for apple scab lesions, didn’t find any
* No Plum Curculio damage found yet
* Adult male European Red Mite found, no adult female or eggs
* Third Apple Scab Infection Period of season
* See flowers damaged by the new insect, Green Pug Moth, in 5 orchards throughout RI. Larvae feed on stamens and petals – see chewed stamens and insect droppings (frass) on petals.
* European apple sawfly trap capture above threshold of 9 per trap in 2 monitored orchards. One orchard with an average of 62 per trap.
* Saw 4 mite predators on one leaf! Probably T. pyri since this is a release orchard!
* First European Red Mite nymphs found. Found 7 on a leaf and some several days old.
* First Z. mali mite predator. Found 3 on one leaf!
* First European Apple Sawfly caught on sticky white trap.
* First White Apple Leafhopper nymph
* Second Apple Scab infection period, 5/3 – 5/5
* Saw leaf with 32 Apple Blotch Leafminer eggs on it – and I didn’t look that hard!
* Apple Blotch Leafminers above threshold in 10 out of 11 orchards
* Did not see any hatched ERM eggs
* See first mite predator: A. fallacis or T. pyri
* Apple Blotch Leafminers above the threshold in 9 out of 11 orchards
* Didn’t see any ERM eggs hatched but only looked in one orchard
* First apple scab infection period of the season (4/22 – 4/23)
* Apple Blotch Leafminers above threshold of 8 per trap by tight cluster in 7 out of 8 orchards!
* See 21 Apple Blotch Leafminer eggs on one leaf!
* No European red mite eggs hatched yet – that I saw anyway
* Rosy Apple Aphids spotted in three orchards on Cortalnd leaves
* Many syrphid fly eggs in many orchards
* Apple blotch leafminers above threshold of 8 per trap by tight cluster in 5 out of 8 orchards
* See Apple Blotch Leafminer eggs laid on new fruit cluster leaves
* Very few Tarnished Plant Bugs caught so far this year
* First Tarnished plant bug caught on white sticky trap
* First pear thrips on fruit buds
* First newly hatched larvae of the Green Pug Moth (I think)
* First newly hatched Eastern Tent Caterpillar
* First Syrphid Fly predator egg

* See many Apple Blotch Leafminers flying in two orchards

* First Asian Lady Bug seen in orchard