Scouting for winter moth 4.30.14

I want to show you how I’m scouting for winter moth larvae. With my magnifying glass, I get real close to the bud and peel open the bud with a finger nail. Attached are some pictures –
one showing how close I am to the bud using a 10x handlens
one clean bud (no winter moth larva or frass)
one bud with frass
one bud with winter moth larva. This caterpillar has molted once so is bigger than the newly hatched larvae.

Most winter moth caterpillars are not visible from the outside of buds yet. Buds need to be opened to see if there is a caterpillar inside. If you find many caterpillars inside you may want to spray with an insecticide soon. For apples, you may need to wait until the flower buds separate (but before the flowers open) to effectively spray an insecticide.

close up look at buds for winter mothclean blueberry budopen bud2nd instar looping