May 14 meeting and Orchard Radar up and running

The second twilight meeting of the year will be in Sherborn, MA on May 14 at 5:30. Here is what Jon Clements said:
14-May, 2014 Fruit Twilight Meeting at Dowse Orchard, 98 North Main St., Sherborn, MA ( 5:30 to 7:30 PM. 1 pesticide credit will be offered. Refreshments/snack will be served. Orchard walk, current orchard management updates. $25 meeting fee ($20 for MFGA & RIFGA members.) Contact: Jon Clements, 413-478-7219. Pre-registration is not necessary.

It should take less than an hour to get there from Greenville – I hope lots of Rhode Islanders make it to the meeting! We had a good turnout of Massachusetts growers at our April twilight meeting.
Orchard Radar, provided to us by Glen Koehler at the University of Maine, and SkyBit weather data, is up and running! We have two SkyBit weather sites that feed into the Orchard Radar models – one in Greenville and one in Middletown. You can view Orchard Radar from the URI Apple IPM site at
The Orchard Radar links are on the left side of the home page.
NEWA is another weather and model program from Cornell. NEWA can be viewed at
It doesn’t look like the rain on Sunday, May 4, will cause an apple scab infection period. There may not even be enough rain to release any spores. The next possible apple scab infection period may not be until Friday, May 9 – but you know how wrong weather forecasts can be. Be sure to apply a fungicide before the next rain event. Many ascospores will be released during the next rain and probably be a very significant infection period.
Many apple buds have probably separated now, making it possible to reach winter moth caterpillars that were hidden inside the clustered buds earlier. Check buds now for winter moth caterpillars and apply an insecticide if you see many.
Hope to see you in Sherborn, MA on May 14!


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