Twilight meeting and gypsy moths

Hello fruit growers,
Thursday’s twilight meeting is in Sutton, not at Foppema’s farmstand in Northbridge. See you there!

Also, one apple grower reported a lot of gypsy moth caterpillars on his apple trees. Check your apples and blueberry bushes now for small, dark caterpillars. Since blossoms are open apply a Bt insecticide such as Dipel if a spray is needed. See attached photos from May 12, 2016.

From Jon Clements: Thursday, May 10 — Fruit Twilight Meeting, Foppema’s Hilltop Orchard, 9 McClellan Road, Wilkinsonville (Sutton), MA at 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 10, 2018. In cooperation with Rhode Island Fruit Growers’ Association. Ken and Evan Foppema will be our hosts. Light dinner will be served. Bloom time disease and insect management, fruit thinning will be topics of discussion. Two pesticide re-certification credits. Pre-registration is not required but $20 meeting fee for individuals getting pesticide credits will be collected at the door.

Gypsy moth caterpillar during apple bloom. Apply Bt insecticide if needed.

Gypsy moth caterpillars on apple foliage. Both pictures from May 12, 2016.