SWD caught in traps in RI, CT, and MA

This message was written by Mary Concklin at UConn, but the message is the same for RI small fruit growers:

SWD have been found in traps in CT, RI and MA over the last few days. Numbers are very low so far but with the upcoming heat, populations are expected to take off. Be on alert in your plantings.

As soon as you are through harvesting strawberries, mow them off even if you are not ready to complete renovation so that any remaining fruit in the field will desiccate which eliminates a breeding ground for the SWD. If you are growing Malwina, they are at prime risk for SWD. Renovate the other strawberry varieties ASAP.

Refrigerate fruit as soon as it is harvested.

Prune bramble blocks to keep them open. SWD prefer shady moist locations.

SWD spray charts can also be found at http://ipm.uconn.edu/documents/raw2/1358/2018%20SWD%20Insecticides%20for%20Small%20Fruit.pdf  (small fruit & grapes)

http://ipm.uconn.edu/documents/raw2/1358/2018%20SWD%20Insecticides%20for%20Stone%20Fruit.pdf  (stone fruit)

Remember to rotate among IRAC groups and that includes organic growers as well.

Contact me if you have question, Heather Faubert