Aerial spraying for mosquitoes in RI

A few people asked me today about affects to their crops  from aerial spraying insecticides for mosquito control. Aerial spraying with Anvil 10+10 started September 8th and will continue through September 9. I talked to the chemical company representative for Anvil 10+10. He explained that Massachusetts has applied the same insecticides (Sumithrin & Piperonyl Butoxide) and tested for residue following spraying. They could not detect any pesticide residue on plants or any surfaces after spraying. RI DEM and RI Department of Health shared this information regarding gardens and local farms:

Are there any restrictions on consuming fruits and vegetables from home gardens or local farms?

No. The EPA has established a tolerance (acceptable level) for the product that allows wide-area mosquito application on food crops, fodder crops, pasture, and grazing areas. The application is not expected to leave a detectable residue on food crops, pastures, or forage crops. Livestock may graze in treated areas following the spraying. As always, consumers should rinse any homegrown or purchased fruits and vegetables with water before preparation or consumption.